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Styling Kids Hair Cream / 8 oz containers

Styling Kids Hair Cream / 8 oz containers

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Best kids Styling Hair Cream with Softening, moisturizing and nourishing properties for small frizzy and curly hair.

Our Kid's Hair Cream is a composition of reals ingredients to help increase moisture retention, softness and hair growth for children's natural hair.


KEY INGREDIENTS:  Purified Water, honeyquat, nettle leaf extract, marshmallow, hibiscus, Mentha piperita, rice butter, arganisia extract, almond oil, macadamia, cetearyl alcohol, olive butter, mango butter, shea butter, wheat germ butter, glycerin, guar gum, pantothenic acid, alpha-tocopherol, biotin, fenugrec, monoi, lemon juice extraxt, vit B5, Vit E.

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