About Us

 We have been witnessing for a long time the negative conception and psychology making believe that frizzy hair defines the degradation of beauty. That African American having neglected and transgressed by social standards, focuses on certain products such as: braids, weaves and relaxers to be seen as beautiful. Gisemonde Moise Menard, immerses herself in the transcendence of positivity and natural beauty by seeking effective solutions to adapted to the needs of her hair. Using these products and ingredients of her cuisine, she is now committed and leads her curiosity towards the treatment and care of natural hair with fruits and plants. 
          On October 2014 Gisemonde, manages to convince her husband her ideology of being beautiful by remaining natural with the incredible results of these treatments. This is how the couple decided to share the treatment center experiences only for natural and transitions hair, creating N'happy & Beautiful in Haiti. Testimonials and living solutions to different types of cases like: baldness, seborrhea and alopecia give more taste and push the determination of N'happy & Beautiful. We offer purely natural products based on natural plant, fruit and vegetable oil for adults and children age 2 and over.