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Noedjie set / Kids natural & Organic bundle / 5 pieces.

Noedjie set / Kids natural & Organic bundle / 5 pieces.

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Noedjie kids set is formulated for girls between 2 - 11 years old, designed to empower our Afro kids to love themselves. This set of product provides parents a solution that helps increase moisture retention and promotes hair growth. This set was formulated for my daughter hair care and we decided to share this amazing result to other girls with the same issues, made with plant and natural ingredients.


 Conditioner, Marabou's little styling cream, Kids Marabou Oil, Rassoul Mud-wash, Dada Smoothie.


- Dada Conditioner (16 oz)

- Dada Smoothie (12oz)

- Marabou's little styling cream (8 oz)

- Marabou's little oil (4oz)

- Rassoul Mud-wash (4oz)

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