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Bulk products/ Fast & Growth oil/ 128oz Gal

Bulk products/ Fast & Growth oil/ 128oz Gal

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We spent countless hours formulating and developing each and every product. We only use high quality, nutrient rich, real and simple ingredients to make amazing products that works. This plant base, Vegetables and essential oil for hair growth. 


. Promotes healthy hair growth & scalp stimulation

. Made with 100% natural oils

. Cruelty and chemical free

. Created for all hair types

. Helps  with scalp psoriasis

. Great  for dandruff & dry scalp/itchy scalp

. Soothes  scalp redness & irritation

 INGREDIENTS: Castor oil (seed extract), Olea Europaea L. (oil extract), Allium Sativum (juice extract), Salvia Rosmarinus, Argania Spinosal L. (nuts extract) Melaleuca alternifolia (E.O extract), Palma Rosa, Geranium, Piperita Mentha

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