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N'happy & Beautiful

N'happy Hydrating Mist

N'happy Hydrating Mist

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High quality Hydrating mist made with natural ingredients for your every day hair needs.

Satisfy your hair thirst with this new mist from our very own CEO hair routine.

Ingredients: Lemongrass, purified water, biotin, marshmallow, menthe leave, glycerin, lavender, Vit B, Vit E.

HOW TO USE: Use as a leave in conditioner, protective style refresher, itchy scalp relief, hair detangler, curl definer and so much more. 

Directions: Shake and spray. Apply to wet or dry hair. Then, moisturize with the styling cream and seal in moisture with our moisturizing oil. 

Good for all hair types. 

This product is all natural and has some natural separation. Color may vary from clear to oil. Shake prior to use. 

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