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Little Marabou Styling Hair Cream

Little Marabou Styling Hair Cream

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Kid's Marabou Hair Cream is a composition of reals ingredients, sulfate and fragrance free, ultra-gentle to help increase moisture retention, softness and hair growth for children's hair. Whether your child is growing out, styling, or maintaining their natural hair, they need products that are formulated to keep their strands soft and healthy in the process.


HOW TO USE: Apply generously to wet or dry hair to detangle and style your hair as desired.


KEY INGREDIENTS:  Purified Water, honey, mentha piperita, rice butter, arganisia, almond butter, Biotin, mango butter, wheat butter, almond (oil), hibiscus powder,pantothenic acid, alpha-tocopherol,monoi butter,fenugrec oil.

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